Anna Segeda is a luxury footwear line, which prides itself on comfortable cut line and outstanding designs. 

Her line consists of Evening Wear Red Carpet shoes and casual wear in Anna’s Limited Edition Collection. She loves to experiment with the details, combining Leather, Jewellery and new Materials, but she always keeps a touch of Femininity.


Anna grew up in the Ural Province in Russia, where she earned a Degree in Economics and later worked as an Auditor for one of the Big Four companies in Germany. Anna’s love affair with fashion was born from necessity, when she realized that she couldn’t find any wearable and at the same time, brazenly gorgeous footwear.

Anna completed a fashion footwear course in Berlin at the LetteVerein Academy, where she mastered the arts of last-making and pattern cutting. Using these skills Anna has built a successful business focused on Comfort and Outstanding designs.

Anna works in cooperation with experienced German Shoemakers to meet the quality high standards. The prototype of shoes are crafted by her.

If you are dreaming about unique footwear combined with comfortable width, welcome to my page!